A full copy of the preschool handbook is available here


Disposable paper towels are being used throughout the school and the toilets are disinfected at various times during the day.

Rubber gloves are worn by the kitchen staff in food preparation and service.

Accident policy

If your child has an accident or illness at school we will get in touch with you immediately.  Often no action is needed but if it is and, if we are unable to contact you, we will, of course, take whatever action is needed to make sure your child is safe.  This may include calling Med-line and contacting your child’s doctor.  Minor injuries such as grazes and minor cuts will be treated in school and an ‘Incident/Accident’ report will be sent home to you.  Please note that if your child has a head bump we will always attempt to get in touch with you so that you are fully informed should medical attention be needed later.  If you are not available by phone, again a message will be sent home either by e-mail, or in the Home School Folder with your child. Please note that all the children in school are covered under a private accident insurance.


The office must be informed immediately if your child comes into contact with an infectious illness so that other parents can be informed.  In the interest of containing illness please do not send your child to school if he/she:

  • Has a fever of 37.5 Centigrade/101 Fahrenheit.

  • Is suffering from conjunctivitis, an eye infection which is highly contagious.

  • Has just started on a course of antibiotics for a bacterial infection. 

  • Has an infected (i.e. not clear) nasal discharge.

It takes at least three days of the antibiotic course before your child can be considered as non-contagious (including antibiotic treatment taken for conjunctivitis).  Even if s/he has no fever and appear to be fine they should not be sent to school as this only results in the infection being spread to other children within the school, and a risk of your own child being re-infected once his/her anti-biotic course has finished.  This is especially relevant as far as strep - throat infections are concerned.

Administration of Drugs Policy

Please note that teachers can attend to minor cuts and scrapes but may not administer any medication to children.  Parents are asked to provide written permission to allow the teacher to dispense medication under a medical practitioners order.  All requests/permission of this nature should be sent to the office.

Fire and Earthquake Safety

Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are installed throughout the school. The building is under 24-hour surveillance by a private security company.  The school building has been surveyed by Technical University, Civil Engineering Department and has been approved for safety in the case of an earthquake.  School wide fire and earthquake drills are conducted regularly throughout the school year so that the children and staff know what to do in an emergency situation.

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